Digital advertising has really matured and grown like a beast; we may not necessarily all agree we like advertising, but it sure has influenced our path to purchase, debatably, more so than any medium including TV.

While Digital Advertising really solves for reminders to our online persona  — also called the brand recall metric — it has remained invisible in the offline world as a performance driver, especially for smaller brands that find budgets too high and the experience too cumbersome to measure. When we are out and about ‘on the go’, traditional billboards, printed ads, etc. — also called as OOH (Out of Home) — are the only promotional reminders we get on the fly. And while OOH is becoming digitized, they are still inflexible in terms of where the ad is presented to the consumer.

It is time promotions reach us when we are about to make decisions on the fly or when we are ready to take them — on the go and near real time and hyper located! And all of the above with existing digital formats of delivery that do not need to be recreated.

When we head to meet our friends, more often than not what we, as a group, agree that we will meet at a place and hunt for places on the fly. Same goes for our day to day lunch decisions — almost everyone makes those decisions on the fly as they enter the block where food places co-exist. Meanwhile idle hours when we are getting on, off the train, bus, cabs, etc. are great times to influence our minds about daily, and even longer-term decisions.

It is these moments where digital advertising remains ineffective and even digital OOH which can now change ads on the fly, unless strategically placed, may not be meaningful. Any existing form of advertising, digital or OOH, is ineffective driving footsteps to local shop is well known; and may be one of the reasons e-commerce, e-tail, etc. does so much better than store-commerce or re-tail as they have a medium to drive traffic.

We can come up with more examples around conferences, meetups, train stations, etc. — advertising has always been about scale and when you are a single brand, single store, single eatery it’s been hard to really justify scale.

Think Dynamically Served (Location and Time) Digital Out of Home Ads; have you thought if digital ads could reach your audience where they can be influenced on the go and at the moment of most influence. We, at Grabb-it, are doing exactly that. If you want to drive store traffic real time or influence your audience for brand recall locally or drive targeted traffic at an event we have the solution for you. We have cars that drive your digital advertisements on the passenger side windows to your audience to get optimal results — when you are hyper targeted and know how your money is working for you, you are already out-performing digital, and you will see hyper targeted results as well.

With Grabb-it, we can take your 30-second spot, your brand, or your message at your sponsored event, train stations, city streets, near homes, etc. in a workable budget with a significant brand and message recall influencing the audience that matters much to you — local, and at the time marketers can influence them the most.

With Grabb-it you get DD OOH— Dynamically Served Digital Out of Home. Same old digital billboard using the effectiveness and nimbleness of digital advertising with full trackable location exposure and no fraud related nonsense to deal with.

Please contact us at for getting a demo scheduled.


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